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Etham Traditional Design Shaving Gift Set

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The Wilde & Harte Eltham Traditional Design Shaving Gift Set is the perfect gift for the gentleman in your life. Or, an inspired purchase for discerning gentlemen looking for the highest quality shaving tools, offering an indulgent, close and comfortable wet shave.

Each beautifully crafted, Art Deco influenced Traditional Design Shaving Gift Set includes:

- Eltham 3-piece double edge, monogrammed safety razor
- Eltham shaving brush featuring engraved detailing with real badger hair
- Engraved stainless steel shaving set stand
- Luxury gift box with white sateen 

Key Features

- Hand crafted and polished to a mirror finish
Optimum weighted handle to improve the shaving experience
- Manufactured in the UK from British stainless steel
- The finest grade 'Best' badger hair, vegan friendly shaving brush

Safety Razor
Weight: 110g
Length: 100mm
Handle manufactured from stainless steel

Shaving Brush
Weight: 180g
Height: 112mm
Loft: 54mm (height at base of hair to tip of hair)
Knot base: Ø21mm (diameter at base of hair)
Handle manufactured from stainless steel

Shaving Set Stand
Weight: 205g
Height: 108mm (163mm incl. shaving brush)
Width: 78mm
Manufactured from stainless steel

Shaving Brush Care
To realise the full potential from your shaving brush, after each use, your brush needs to be rinsed in warm water then hung upside down to allow all moisture to work downwards to the fibre ends, then evaporate.