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Spartiate 34 Black Leather Belt

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The black Spartiate leather belt is one of a kind. Its leather cutout with narrowing at the tip slips into the two loops acting as a buckle. Ultimate refinement, a perforation has been designed in order to slide the point there and that it does not "hang".

- Black calfskin touched cowhide leather

- Hand dyeing and hand threading

- Exclusive double loop system with three collar buttons

316L surgical steel buckle

- Silver PVD treatment

- Color: Black

- Width: 34 mm

- Made in France manufacturing, in Mazamet, cradle of French leather.


The creator, Alexis Théry. Its primary weapons: luxury materials, leather and metal, handled with finesse. 

His quest: a permanent dialogue between suppleness and firmness, warmth and radiance, matt and shine… The incessant search for purity of lines for a graphic marriage. Birth of the double U brand: two U's that write “one” then come together and become one. For a jewel that dresses men, women… the street.

Made in Paris - Cradle of their creations, Ursul Parisian workshop designs all the metal parts of its collections. Functionality, comfort, aesthetics and durability guide them throughout this process.

All bracelets and jewelry pieces are machined to the tenth of a millimeter to fit perfectly.  Polished for long minutes by their artisan jewelers in order to obtain the perfect finish.

Ursul pays particular attention to the originality and quality of their leather and metal jewelry. 100% of components have been designed in-house and made from quality materials. To last.


How to choose the size of your Ursul belt?

Choose the correct length for your Ursul belt using the size correspondence table below:

Ursul size (cm) US pant size FR pant size
85 28 38
90 30 40
95 32 42
100 34 44
105 36 46

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