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TikToker 2" Ion Ceramic Round Brush

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TheSalonGuy TikToker 2" Ion Ceramic Round Brush is the best brush to use to achieve any flips in the front of your hair or the TikToker type of hairstyle.

  • TheSalonGuy 2” Barrel For Styling Short Hair: This size brush is good for blowouts styling, waving and curling on shorter hair lengths. This brush is ideal for all hair types from smoothing coursed, dry or damaged hair to adding volume to fine and thin hair types this is a versatile round brush that can be used for women, men and children.
  • Tourmaline Ionic Bristles: These unique crimped bristle help to detangle hair and provide even tension for smoothing and styling hair. The tourmaline barrels are made from crushed gemstones that release negative ions when used with a blow dryer. These ions breakup water molecules, condition and improve elasticity.
  • Aerated Ceramic Barrel For Better Frizz Free Blowouts: This brush features a ceramic barrel that heats and smoothes hair from the inside out. This feature helps to reduce the drying time remarkably and improves the finish on the hair. This aerated anti frizz barrel lets air pass through the section for more efficient drying with less flyaways.
  • Capless Barrel And Seamless Handle For Snag Free Styling: Pain free round brushing for all hairstyles and genders. Drying long hair can be painful if you have the wrong brush and a sensitive scalp. TheSalonGuy brush was designed to be tug free starting with the capless barrel. With no end cap on the barrel there is not place for hair to snag. The ergonomic handle is simple and has no rubber for hair to get caught in or on. Perfect for coarse, tangly hair.
  • Lightweight Professional Design: Drying hair can be time consuming and tiring; this brush was designed for all people to use, ensuring the brush is lightweight for extended use and long blowouts. The contoured handle is meant to fit most hand shapes and is comfortable for everyone. Having a lightweight brush reduced fatigue for a stronger and better finish to the hair.