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Citrus Blast Body Wash

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  • Activated Charcoal | Lime Pearl | Australian Sandalwood | Mandarin
    16.9 oz / 500ml | Made in Australia

    Rich in Vitamin C The Groomed Man Co. Citrus Blast Body Wash freshen up cold, tired skin and blast away the bed bugs. Lime Pearl, the + in this wash and rich in alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s), stimulates the skin's natural exfoliation process leaving skin smooth, bright and even in complexion. Activated charcoal, known for its ability to cover large surface areas, blankets the skin removing dirt and priming it for moisturising. Cold pressed notes of Mandarin mingle with Australian Sandalwood to deliver a scent that energises the senses and restores focus, preparing you for take off. The WASH+ system combines gentle exfoliation with cleansing to ensure effective elimination of dead skin build up, the main cause for dull and problematic skin.

    Key Ingredients
    Lime Pearl - An exfoliating agent extracted from caviar lime, a unique fruit naturally rich in AHA’s (alpha-hydroxy acids). Lime Pearl gently improves the skin exfoliation process, removing accumulated dead skin cells to leave skin looking and feeling smooth.
    Activated Charcoal - A highly absorptive substance that blankets the skin and unclogs the pores while eliminating toxins and bacteria.
    Australian Sandalwood - While many companies move away from using this ingredient due to the high price, the benefits outweigh the cost. Highly anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, this aromatic oil balances the skin and fixes discolouration.