Shear Revival
Amity Texture Spray

  • Light Hold | Matte Finish
    8oz / 227g

    Shear Revival Amity is a new take on the everyday sea salt spray. Using a combination of sea salt from the Atlantic Ocean and Australian Kaolin Clay, it adds tons of texture, volume, and structure to your look. Using aloe leaf juice & witch hazel as the base carrier not only makes your hair and scalp stay hydrated, but witch hazel aids in promoting healthy hair growth and slowing down hair loss!

    Scent | All natural Sage & Bergamot

    Key Ingredients
    Aloe - dandruff preventative for the scalp
    Marula Oil - UV protectant & cellular regeneration properties for healthy growth.
    Carnauba Wax - helps retain moisture to keep hair hydrated.
    Bamboo Extract: Provides strength & elasticity to your hair follicles.