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A clean, refreshing deodorant with zero synthetics that actually works. Jack Henry non-toxic formula was developed in-house and tested on professional athletes for supreme performance. Plant botanicals and bentonite clay absorb sweat and odor and the euphoric blend of Hinoki, Juniper and Eucalyptus oils keeps you smelling fresh. As with all JH products, there are no synthetics, alcohol, aluminum, or other toxins.


  • 48-hour protection ⟳
  • Absorbs sweat and eliminates odor
  • Goes on clean and doesn't stain
  • A euphoric, fresh scent

2.65 oz

  • Apply 3-5 swipes to clean dry skin.

    There is a transitional period when introducing a natural deodorant into your routine. You may find yourself perspiring more than usual for a week or two as the body releases built up toxins. Once this process is complete, the body will re-balance and you will perspire less. You may also notice clearer, healthier skin overall as the natural detoxification process is working as it should.