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Natural Deodorant

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Trade your chemical laced antiperspirant deodorant for this safe natural, roll on deodorant.  The Hunter Lab Natural Deodorant forms a protective layer to absorb sweat, neutralise odour, while nourishing and smoothing the skin.  Perfectly crafted with some of nature most powerful ingredients including Coconut and Jojoba oils and Shea Butter.

Aluminium and Alcohol free, this formulation is free of harmful chemicals. Resulting in reduced perspiration and odor, plus clearer, healthier, toxin free skin.

The distinctive subtle scent is provided by a mix of citrus notes with a hint of vanilla and Hunter Lab signature rum essence.

  • Apply to clean, dry underarms. Refresh as needed. For best results, ensure skin is dry prior to initial application.

    There is a transitional period when introducing a natural deodorant into your routine. You may find yourself perspiring more than usual for a week or two as the body releases built up toxins. Once this process is complete, the body will re-balance and you will perspire less. You may also notice clearer, healthier skin overall as the natural detoxification process is working as it should.