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Aura Facial Sculpting Tool

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A high-performance 24k gold plated uplifting device solar-charged with gentle microcurrent to energise face muscles and enhance cellular energy for smooth skin and a toned and youthful appearance.

This at-home device delivers a gentle microcurrent to harness the power of your skin's natural metabolic process, increasing cellular energy and stimulating the facial muscles. The gentle microcurrent mimics the natural bioelectric current of the body, jumpstarting skin cell’s mitochondria to produce a significant increase in ATP production.


With continued use, skin appears firmer, smoother, and more lifted. Signs of fatigue such as dark circles and puffiness are reduced, and the complexion glows with youthful vitality.


  • Eyes - Reduce the appearance of fine lines and crows feet for a more lifted look.
  • Face - Achieve a smoother, more sculpted and radiant complexion.
  • Neck - Can help reduce the appearance of fine lines around the neck for smooth and lifted skin.

Key Features

  • Microcurrent
  • 24K Gold Plated - Plated in 24K gold, this element not only offers exceptional microcurrent conductivity but is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, ensuring AURA’s affinity with even the most sensitive skins.
  • Solar Charged - Featuring an embedded solar panel, AURA harnesses light energy (both natural and artificial) and converts it into microcurrent. This “always on” technology ensures the device is ready to use at any given moment.
  • Eyes - AURA's massage ball allows targeted and effective 360° treatment of the orbital area.

  • Face - AURA's y-tail design mimics the natural contours of the face so you can lift and sculpt the entire face with ease.

    Neck - AURA's y-tail hugs the contours of the neck for effortless treatment of this delicate area.