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Botany Bay / GPS 26’ 3”E Candle

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A picturesque bay which is a natural area of outstanding beauty but one which is used a lot by tourists and also for film locations. In the winter it's true elegance comes through with less people and more wildlife able to take advantage of the chalk reef, chalk cliffs and cliff hedgerows. This beauty is perhaps shown best on days when it rains, as the rain hits the chalk a fresh and clear fragrance come off the rock to give way to the freshness of cliff grasses, annual seablite and sea orache.

Top Notes: light, elegant citrus
Heart Notes: fresh ozone
Base Notes: subtle green floral

Made with a high quality woven cotton wick and eco-friendly soy wax in a thick glass surround.

*Gives an approx. burn time of 45 hours

270 ml

  • For the first time that you burn your Haeckels candle, allow it to burn for at least two hours, or until the whole top is liquid with wax. This allows for an even burn the next time it is used.

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