New Releases Discovery Set

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This set comprises all six of Fragrance Du Bois latest releases, curated for those who love to try new perfumes plus four of their favorites.


Minuit et Demi - The scent of utter pleasure, Minuit et Demi will compel all of your senses, an intimate and sensual fragrance created to intoxicate the room.

PM - A true “Power Scent” which harks back to the heady days when perfumes could be made with real and powerful ingredients and not guided by budgets and constraints, a new signature scent in the world of haute perfumery.

London Spice

Solstis - A scent for all seasons, Solstis is the story of the intimate relationship between the two annual solstices of the sun.

Secret Tryst - Envelop yourself in a fragrance that’s as daring and irresistible as your liaisons. Secret Tryst is a new, intoxicating perfume for those who crave passion with a sense of adventure.

Cavort - Cavort is an intensely intimate fragrance that evokes the frisson of excitement of a first encounter. A sultry saffron-infused aroma hints at the anticipation of what lies behind that stolen second glance.

Milano - The vision for a fragrance named after this great city was creating a fresh citrus a spicy top note using a mix of Sicilian bergamot and orange adding saffron and thyme.

Cannabis Blue - The grassy character of this herby fragrance is combined with warm elements of sichuan pepper and cardamom, lifted with herbal tones and a swirl of tart grapefruit.

Siberian Rose - This is a fragrance built on white floral accords, and relates to the white Siberian Rose.

New York 5th Avenue - This fragrance is dedicated to the winter in NYC. It’s woody, sweet and warm spicy.

10 x 2 ML Parfum