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Leather Wash Bag

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Partnering with London’s leading leather designer Bill Amberg, Bolin Webb has created a distinctive and desirable designer wash bag that appeals to the discerning traveler.

Through the use of premium materials and a quality finish, this designer wash bag adds to Bolin Webb’s range of distinctive and enduring grooming products. Water-proofed leather upper and base, nylon sidewall weave and neoprene lining enhance performance in terms of strength, durability and practical day-to-day use. An eye for design detail including the black synthetic zip, two-tone handle, inside net pockets and washable mat add function and character to the bag, making this an attractive as well as a useful travel companion.

The luxury wash bag heralds a new direction for Bolin Webb, which has already made its mark in the world of shaving with its award-winning razors and accessories.

Dimensions: 24cm (L) x 17cm (W) x 8cm (H)

About Bill Amberg

Bill is recognised for the craftsmanship of his fine leather goods. When he founded his eponymous London-based company in 1984, his ambition was to create unique leather goods that would form a part of his customers’ lives. An ambition Bolin Webb shares.

In the last 30 years, Bill has worked with a varied roster of luxury clients. Bags and accessories bearing the Bill Amberg stamp are available from stockists worldwide and, alongside his own line, he has designed bags for labels including Donna Karan, Romeo Gigli, Dunhill and others. In 2001, the London’s V&A museum admitted the Amberg ‘Rocket’ bag into its archive of design classics.