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Morris Motley

Based in Collingwood, Melbourne our friends at Morris Motley are reinventing the concept of men’s hair products. They have a premium men’s hair cutting studio and hair care brand. Proprietor Rob Manson believes that premium men’s hair care is a neglected market. The general consensus is that men don’t care about hair care, so most brands use only the cheapest and most basic ingredients. The shampoos strip hair of its natural oils. The styling products cause scalp irritation. Morris Motley goal is to turn all that on its head with formulations, which respect, mimic and nurture the unique biochemistry of the hair and scalp.
Morris Motley Matte Styling Balm $45.00 USD
Morris Motley Clay Conditioning Shampoo $45.00 USD
Morris Motley Hair Thickening Tonic LNY $31.50 USD $42.00 USD
Morris Motley Wide Tooth Comb $18.00 USD
Morris Motley 2ML OAKMOSS $18.00 USD
Morris Motley Vert Gothique Extrait de Parfum from $6.00 USD
Morris Motley Oakmoss Anti-Perspirant - 2pk $45.00 USD