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Directly from Charlotte, NC handmade in small batches with highest quality organic ingredients by Franklin Fuertes in his hair studio.  Fuertes styling products are made to style while keeping your hair healthy.

Fuertes Styling Balm $42.00 USD
Fuertes Styling Clay $42.00 USD
Fuertes Styling Crème $36.00 USD
Fuertes Styling Paste $36.00 USD
Fuertes Sea Salt Spray $32.00 USD
Fuertes Styling Clay Travel Size $20.00 USD
Fuertes Styling Pomade $30.00 USD
Fuertes Styling Pomade Travel Size $17.00 USD
Fuertes Sea Salt Spray Travel Size $16.00 USD
Fuertes Cleanse Shampoo $12.50 USD
Fuertes Cleanse Conditioner $12.50 USD
Fuertes Luxury Facial Oil $45.00 USD