Nomad Set

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  • Eau De Parfum 8 x 2ML

    Sample Gallivant collection of fragrances with the Nomad discovery set. This set contains eight 2ml perfume sprays of their amazing fragrances.  Perfect for life on the go.

    *Note: Due to high demand and supply chain issues, Gallivant has now sold out of their set of 6.

    While we wait for Gallivant new set of 8, customers will receive a handmade passport-style stamped box, containing individually boxed samples of all 8 perfumes, made with love by Gallivant founder Nick Steward.

    Dark and cosy. The critics and connoisseurs' favourite

    Woody, citrus, spicy
    Sexy modern bohemians

    Fresh, citrus, musky
    The fizz of an urban playground

    Ambery, woody, spicy
    East meets West

    Floral, green, leather
    Touch of grit, dash of glam

    Los Angeles
    A feel-good fragrance, with marine, floral and smoky notes. Awarded "Best Niche Fragrance 2020"

    Tel Aviv
    Floral, fruity, warm
    Sun, white, Bauhaus, tanned skin

    Zingy, spicy, woody
    A playful tribute to kōdō, the Japanese way of fragrance

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