Find Peace in Every Scented Moment

A Fragrance That Purifies Body and Mind

Infuse Eau de Parfum

Akro Infuse captures the essence of Asian tea culture. Its meticulous blend of Oolong tea, bergamot, mate, and osmanthus creates a scent that is both calming and energizing, perfect for purifying your body and mind.

  • Suited for: Men or Women
  • Olfactory family: Floral
  • Notes: Bergamot, Mate, Osmanthus, Ambrox, Vetiver

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Size: 100 ML

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Scent Notes

Top Notes


Middle Notes

Mate, Osmanthus

Base Notes

Ambrox, Vetiver

Step into the world of Asian tea culture with INFUSE, Akro's captivating tea-inspired fragrance. Like the traditional preparation of tea, this scent is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and carries a harmonious blend of relaxing and invigorating notes. Experience the deep, herbal tones of Oolong tea in INFUSE - a fragrance that promises to purify your body and mind.