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Holy Smoke Multi-Purpose Oil

  • Caswell-Massey Ultrawild Edition of one of their most well-loved essential oil blends, 'Holy Smoke!',  first introduced in 1973 as a smoky, incensed floral variation of their famous plant-based Musk Oil.

    The scent is a complex floral musk with notes of Frankincense and Rose, Bergamot, Wood, Orris and Incense. 

    Just a drop or two of this oil will last quite a while, and is perfect for applying to pulse points, using on a hairbrush for a light moisturizing sheen in your hair, or to use as a fantastic premium beard moisturizing oil. 

    This 'Ultrawild' Edition made with the very best quality Organic and Wildcrafted oils they could find, working with Michelle K. Gagnon to blend this formulation of pure essential oils. This edition includes Wildcrafted Frankincense (collected by Michelle for Caswell-Massey recently on her travels), plus Moroccan Rose Oil, Oakmoss, Nagamotha, Bergamot, Myrrh, Australian Sandalwood and Orris Butter.

    • Made in USA from high-quality fragrance and essential oils
    • Not tested on animals
    • 1.0 fl oz. / 30ml

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