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The Bearded Man Company
Rio Beard Oil 10ml

  • 100% Natural | High Performance | Ultra Light | Non Greasy | Essential Oils
    0.34oz / 10ml | Made in United Kingdom

    The Bearded Man Company Rio all natural beard oil is a multipurpose miracle worker. Crafted with clean, no-fuss ingredients like non greasy natural and essential oils, every bottle is free of questionable chemicals often used in the beauty industry, leaving your skin and beard happy and healthy.

    It uses the softening power of nut and wheat oils to coat beard hairs and naturally soften them, leaving it smooth and nourished. This intensely moisturising beard conditioner reduces the itching associated with growing a beard and enables you to maintain clean, tangle free growth. The oil should be used daily to keep your beard in optimum condition.

    What we love about this beard conditioner is that applying it is easy but the results are awesome. It's not often that you find something so simple that can make such a big difference to your day.