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Thickening Pack

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    Dual action shampoo that not only improves the volume and density of hair strands but also encourages growth of hair follicles. Mild cleansers remove excess oil and product build up without weighing the hair down. Formulated with proteins, ceramides, vitamins and antioxidants for thicker, fuller, healthier hair.

    Stimulates the scalp which is really refreshing after a work-out or when you're hungover. We also maxed out the active thickening ingredients for a truly multi-functional formula that works.

    Washes away dirt, sweat and pollutants without stripping away moisture. Packed with multi-vitamins and anti-oxidants to help stimulate collagen production for softer, smoother, hydrated skin. Salicylic Acid deeply penetrates pores making it an effective treatment for breakouts.

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