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Clay Cleanser Travel Size - 2pk

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  • Kaolin Clay | Volcanic Ash | Reishi Mushroom | SLS and Paraben Free
    2 x 1.0fl oz / 30ml | Made in Australia

    Morris Motley Clay Cleanser is a natural alternative to harsh chemical shampoo and the latest creation of Rob Manson, crafted with Kaolin, Bentonite, and Rhassoul clay.  These clays are absorbent, binding to impurities and removing toxins like a magnet.  Your hair and scalp will be nourished and cleansed.  Dandruff will be reduced, and the hair will be prepared for styling without frizz.

    Infused with Reishi Mushroom, this ancient chinese remedy aids in the reduction of hair loss by suppressing DHT.  DHT is the hormone commonly responsible for hair loss in men.  Reishi Mushroom is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates blood flow.  The result is thicker hair and a healthier scalp. 

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