Morris Motley
Chrome LNY 2019

  • Strong Hold | Natural Shine Finish
    3.52fl oz / 100g

    Morris Motley Chrome LNY 2019 is a limited edition run of the original in celebration of the Lunar New Year featuring a new luxurious black glass container.  Handcrafted by Rob Mason himself, this smooth hair cream delivers a strong hold and a natural shine finish. It is an alteration of their world-famous Treatment Styling Balm with firmer hold and a versatile level of shine.  This thick cream can be layer until to obtain different levels of shine without leaving hair greasy.  Packed with stacks of minerals, this balm is designed to treat your hair while you styling it.  It is lightweight, very easy to apply, and washes out easily. Great for any hair type and all-day style control.

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