Escentric 02 - Portable Eau de Toilette 30ml

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  • Suited for: Men or Women
  • Olfactory family: Woods
  • Notes: Bergamot, Almdudler, Juniper Berry, Mandarin, Lime, Ginger, Freesia, Clary Sage, Pink Pepper, Hedione (Green Jasmine Bud), Orris, Ambroxan, Muscone (Musk), Vetiver, Tonka

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Scent Notes

Top Notes

Bergamot, Almdudler, Juniper Berry, Mandarin, Lime

Middle Notes

Ginger, Freesia, Clary Sage, Pink Pepper, Hedione (Green Jasmine Bud), Orris

Base Notes

Ambroxan, Muscone (Musk), Vetiver, Tonka

Shift the spectrum of your reality with the basking golden tangerine of Escentric 02.

Escentric Molecules portables are 30ml fragrances that slot into sleek, minimalist cases for maximum portability. Each metal case is blasted with stainless steel 'sand' to burnish the surface to a soft lustre. It is then anodised for high durability.

The upper face of the Escentric case lid is stamped with the letter e in binary code: 01101101 and the number 02.

Ambroxan has a subtle sensual quality with a radiant, long-lasting drydown.

Escentric 02 contains 13.5% AMBROXAN™* in a formula designed to amplify its mineral note. It also contains hedione (green jasmine bud), a 'gin and tonic' accord, "and a hint of the Austrian lemonade called almdudler." Geza Schoen describes the final effect as "super-longlasting freshness into the drydown, together with a subtle sensuality."

*13.5% is the maximum percentage of Ambroxan that can be dissolved in a fragrance compound. Anymore, and the Ambroxan begins to crystallise out of the solution.