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LX48 Premium Shaving Soap In Tin

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  • 5.2oz / 150g

    Caswell-Massey LX48 Premium Shaving Soap a handmade luxury shave soap scented with LX48, one of their most remarkable colognes first introduced in 2017. It has a complex scent of Violet, Leather, Tobacco, Cedarwood & Oakmoss that could make your shave the best moment of your day. The formulation is made to lather without sulfates, for a traditional shave that leaves skin soft and smooth.  This is a traditional shave soap, best used with a shave brush.

    Handmade in the hot-pour shaving soap formula, and made in small batches by The Holy Black. Presented in a resealable tin. Made with a natural coconut oil, lye and glycerin base. 

    • Made in USA
    • Not tested on animals

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