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Beard Oil - The Unscented 10ml

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Apothecary 87 The Unscented Beard Oil works as a leave in beard conditioner, rich in natural plant based oils. It has been specifically formulated to nourish & soften hair, moisturise the skin, reduce irritation, allowing for healthier growth.

Crafted with no fragrance this beard oil won't conflict with your favorite cologne.

Conditions Beard | Moisturises Skin | Reduces Irritation & Split Ends
0.34fl oz / 10ml | Made in UK

  • Rub a few drops of oil into your hands and massage into the beard working the oil into your skin. Then, run your hands over your beard to coat your beard hair evenly. Use a comb or brush to style.

    For best results use straight after a bath or shower. The heat from the shower will open your hair follicles, and allow the oil to be absorbed more easily.