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Wilde & Harte

Eltham Safety Razor

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  • The Wilde & Harte Eltham traditional style safety razor features Art Deco detailing – akin to fashionable early 20th Century accessory design – and is polished by hand to an impeccable mirror finish by skilled craftsmen to achieve a true 'antique' finish. An exquisite shaving item, weighty and perfectly balanced for an impressive wet shave.

  • These beautiful, traditional double edge razors make the perfect gift item for any gentleman, or simply an elegant addition to his daily or weekend wash bag.

  • Key Features
    - Traditional '3 piece' double edge safety razor
    - Stunning Art Deco influenced design
    - Hand crafted and polished to a mirror finish
    Optimum weighted handle to improve the shaving experience
    - Manufactured in the UK from British stainless steel
    Monogrammed detailing at base of handle

    Presented in a premium luxury gift box with a single double edge blade.

    Weight: 110g
    Length: 100mm