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Deep Clean Pack

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  • SH2
    A game-changing deep clean shampoo that removes all traces of product build up, excess oil and toxins in one quick wash.  Formulated with proteins, ceramides, vitamins and antioxidants for a healthy scalp and thick, healthy hair.

    Thick, velvety product that provides a luxurious shower experience. No expense spared, we used the best ingredients in the world with proven, scientific results. It protects hair from chemical and environmental damage and also adds nutrition back into the hair and scalp.

    Washes away dirt, sweat and pollutants without stripping away moisture. Packed with multi-vitamins and anti-oxidants to help stimulate collagen production for softer, smoother, hydrated skin. Salicylic Acid deeply penetrates pores making it an effective treatment for breakouts.

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