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Narrative Lab

Awaken Solid Perfume

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  • Floral | Fresh | Jasmine | Honey | Breeze

    Awaken - Smells like belonging to something bigger.
    Floral with notes of fresh jasmine and the gentle sweet tones of honey.

    Scent Classification: Earth
    Tone: Floral

    Fragrance Notes
    Top Notes: Sea Salt, Dew Accord
    Heart Notes: Jasmine, Mandarin
    Base Notes: Honey, Cedarwood

    Smells like: Belonging to something bigger.

    The Narrative: 
    I’m stepping forward into a better me and letting go of all that’s been holding me back. I’ve been afraid to take a risk for far too long. I now believe my potential is endless and I’m ready to recreate myself. Today I let perseverance be my engine.