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Reculver GPS 12’ 0”E Parfum 100ml

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  • Eau De Parfum 100ML

    With waves smashing into the sea defenses below sits a ruined abbey, graveyard and wild, overgrown fields. Remnants of more recent uses are now overgrown and covered over with blackberries, raspberries and sea lavender.

    The salt water spraying up onto the path and the grass leaves small puddles so that the smell of the sea is carried by the wind to mix with the berries, flowers and wild parsley to create a fragrance that is fresh, but shows the history that surrounds this place in every direction. There is a feeling here of something that was once important and loved but has now been given back to nature to heal and be washed away, into the sea.

    Top Notes:  fruity, green and delicate
    Heart Notes: light, floral with slight incense
    Base Notes: sweet and warm

    Olfactory Description: Dry Woods, Citrus, Water, Green, Fruity, Floral, Aromatic

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